architecture services

Architecture Services

Organisations have failed to realise the true benefit from their technology investment. The Information Technology community are misaligned to business strategy and therefore cannot use IT to gain competitive advantage. Organizations have widely deployed point technology solutions lacking scalability, flexibility, interoperability, manageability and adequate security. There is no alignment across products, process, IT and people; these are some of the problems faced where an organisation is lacking architecture vision.

Verbigena consultants have in-depth understanding of developing an architecture framework based on industry recognised methodology to provide business agility, flexibility, deliver value at greater speed and lower cost and ensure full benefit realisation to the business for every investment in technology.

We regularly assist CIOs, chief architects and architecture managers to develop the right-fit Enterprise, Business & IT architecture capability for their organisation. We deliver strategic roadmaps at enterprise, business or architectural domain level. We also support architecture executives with a professional mentoring and advisory service which allows architecture management to leverage the combined expertise of experienced strategy and architecture executives. This service offers architecture management ongoing support from an advisor who provides strategic guidance to reduce risk and improve personal and organisational effectiveness in relation to strategy and architecture practice including project delivery programs.

Architecture Review / Audit Service

Verbigena consultants provide an independent assessment of how the enterprise and information technology (IT) architecture aligns with business objective. We identify enterprise architecture risk and measure an organisations architecture landscape against an agreed set of criteria which are business or industry specific requirements.

In this review, our consultants covers the development, acquisition and implementation of IS architecture and associated operational practices to ensure alignment and efficiency. We have successfully undertaken IT architecture review for a number of our clients.

The potential business drivers for the development and implementation of a certain architecture is

  • Limitation of the classic architecture
    • Resolve poor scalability and flexibility issues
  • Competitive Advantage
    • Resolve barriers to entry issues
  • Business Strategy
    • Globalisation
    • Cloud
    • Consumerization (BYOD)


Why Review you architecture

  • IT / Enterprise architecture is key to supporting business goals and objectives
  • Identify gas and areas of concern or improvement
  • Optimise return on IT investment