business consulting

What direction is your business heading? Are you maximising your available resources? Can you compete head to head to your competitors? Are you delivering your promise to your service consumer? Are you clear about your marketing position? Can you resolve your customer’s greatest frustration? Does your staff understand their role towards achieving business vision? Are you realising benefit from IT spend?  If you cannot assertively answer any of these questions, your need the service of business and management consultant.

Verbigena pool of business consultant with deep industry expertise and analytic prowess can empower your organisation to move forward with confidence and clarity of purpose. Our consultants have worked with many of the top global companies helping them to define and implement their strategies.

We provide business consulting in the areas of:

  • Strategy development
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Customer Solution
  • Business Sustenance
  • Business Information Management and Analytics
  • Process, Quality and Testing
  • IT Services
  • Business Operations

One of the most complex challenges facing businesses in today’s tough climate is the ability to translate a clear business strategy into clear results driven solutions. Some other areas we identify and evaluate for improvement include:

  • Outdated procurement strategies and processes
  • Inadequate staff training
  • Poor information management
  • Redundant office administration
  • Inefficiencies in office layout and organisation