business consulting

Measurable and sustainable results will be unattainable in an organisation where individuals are inhibited from realising their development goals. Every individual require a development condition which enables them to build and enhance existing knowledge and skills.  An organisation will be more likely to fulfil their defined mission where capacity development is appreciated.

Verbigena is committed to the capacity development of our clients to ensure the organisation have higher propensity of achieving their business vision and strategy. Our development and training consultants have extensive knowledge in

  • Internal Marketing Strategies
  • Executive Coaching and Development
  • Information Technology Training

Our delivery covers interpersonal relations, office politics and corporate culture.

Tailored Capacity Development

We at Verbigena can develop programmes which offer bespoke training and mentoring services to our clients based on identified areas where knowledge gap exists. We achieve this by following process below

  • Initial assessment – Understand the context in which the organisation is operating, the technology and people
  • Identify knowledge gaps from initial assessment
  • Design a capacity development programme
  • Implement the programme